Inspect: to look carefully at or over, view closely and critically.

More: a greater quantity, amount, or degree.



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Buying a home could be one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make.

Caveat emptor! These two Latin words-which mean “let the buyer beware”, have taken on added significance in today’s residential real estate market.

Many homes for sale in the John's Creek, Suwanee, Alpharetta, Cumming, and Buford area are sold “as-is”, meaning the seller makes virtually no representations regarding the condition of the property.  As a savvy home buyer, perhaps you and your real estate agent have included a well-thought-out inspection contingency strategy in your purchase offer and have determined to have your prospective home professionally inspected.

We take pride in providing this service at Inspect-more LLC your John's Creek home inspector.  The majority of our business comes from client referrals and real estate agent recommendations.  We work directly for “you” our client.  Our job is to minimize unpleasant surprises and unexpected difficulties, and also provide you an opportunity to learn more about the newly constructed or existing home you plan on purchasing.  Your home inspection may identify the need for repairs or builder oversights, as well as suggestions for maintenance to keep your property in good shape. 

After the inspection, you will know much more about the property, which will assist you in making a confident decision about your purchase.  As your home inspector we are here for you after your report is completed as well.  Should you have questions come up, you are encouraged to give us a call. 

Whether you're buying a new property in the John's Creek, Suwanee, Cumming, Buford, or Alpharetta area and want to be sure of what you're getting, or selling a property and want to eliminate possible problems that could delay or lose a sale. Or just want a professional to inspect and advise you on the condition and maintenance or safety recommendations of your current home, we are here for you.

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A FREE Home Owners Network membership is provided for every one of our Inspect-more LLC inspection clients.

This new program is “Technical support for home owners” on android or iPhone smartphones or through www.HomeOwnersNetwork.com the (HON) website. 

Where do you go as a new home owner to get live technical support?

You could Google your questions, sort through millions of links, or wander the aisles of a huge building supply store to ask the folks stocking the shelves for help. Or now you can use the “Ask the Experts” app provided by Inspect-more LLC.  This program is available for purchase on the HON website for $199 a year however is included at no charge for all our home inspection clients.

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